About Us

The Millside Centre is a new community centre based in the heart of Bradford serving vulnerable people in our locality. The project was birthed after conducting in-depth research in the local area which identified some of the pressing needs, deprivation and gaps in services but also highlighted a demand for a new community space to help improve the lives of local people in our diverse community.

Improving Lives

We believe that all people, given the right opportunity, are seeking to improve their lives in some way. For some this may be to develop or increase their mental capacity by education or experience, or improve personal health and well being to be able to enjoy a fuller life. Somebody who is unemployed may wish to improve their chances of securing paid employment, and a person who is isolated may simply wish to have a space where they can meet new people and improve their social skills.

The Millside Centre is dedicated to helping you to improve your life, whatever that may look like.

Mission Statement

“Whether in the Centre or outside in the community, we will create an environment of trust, peace, safety and acceptance. We aim to provide helpful services and activities which build people up and offer comfort and hope, so that lives are transformed, enabling people to reach their full potential.”