Our Story

The Goitside area of Bradford where we are situated has a very rich industrial history which is still evident in the interesting 19th century architectural features from old factories, warehouses and Mills that surrounds us; the Millside centre is located in Millside House, which draws its name from this strategic place. In recent years, the redevelopment of new housing and conservation of old buildings has slowly transformed some of these buildings into flats and apartments which has seen a rise in families, students and young professionals living in this area.

Despite this, there is significant social deprivation in the vicinity with poverty, unemployment, isolation, homelessness and a growing population of refugees and asylum seekers.

Reach Beyond has been based in Bradford for over 30 years. After renting the former Kings Security three-story building since the mid-eighties, the Christian charity finally bought the building in 2008. The derelict ground floor space of the building was not in use however, and that’s where the idea came from to make it useful for the wider community. After carrying out local research to try and identify the needs of local people, this led to the inception of the Millside Centre.

Our aim is to create a safe and welcoming environment where anyone needing support can access relevant services that improve their health and wellbeing. After undergoing a major refurbishment over the past several months, the ground floor of Millside House has been transformed into a brand new space ready to be used to serve the community and openned its facilities to the wider public for the first time on 25th February 2017