Could you be our Befriending Coordinator?

We are thrilled to announce that we recently got some funding from CNET’s Mental Health Grant to start a befriending programme. Over the past year, we have noticed that many of our service users have suffered in silence, directly or indirectly affected by covid19 pandemic; many are on long waiting lists for mental health support but are simply desperate for connection and someone to listen to them.

We want to engage those isolated by connecting them with a trained volunteer befriender who will offer their time and provide a positive mutually beneficial relationship to an individual or family, building on the foundation of trust, understanding and support. We will then encourage positive behaviours to improve mental, emotional wellbeing using online and face to face support groups. As a result, we aim to equip our service users with the relevant knowledge and tools of resilience they need in order to create a better self-care plan, but also to link with other relevant local services they may not be aware of in the wider community.

We are now recruiting for a Befriending Coordinator who will help to get this project up and running.  The main purpose of the role is to deliver a safe and reliable befriending service for those accessing Millside Centre and other members of our community who are currently experiencing loneliness and isolation. To promote and support the recruitment and management of volunteers who take part in the project as well as ensuring the success of the project.

If you might be interested, or know someone who would be perfect for this role, follow the links for the Befriending Project Coordinator Job Description and the Application form.

The deadline is Friday 4th June at 5pm.

For more info or to enquire about the role, please email our Centre Manager Furaha Mussanzi ( or call 01274 514976.