Empowering Mothers Against Radicalisation

Empowering Mothers Against Radicalisation and Grooming programme funded by Home office and Bradford council was well received last year. This year the project has been re commissioned for 6 areas Bradford District. We are looking to work with your organisation and Mothers you engage with. Below you can find further details of the project and its outcomes.

The Millside is running the course beginning on Thursday 15th November, 10am -12pm.

  • 6 week programme
  • 2 hours per week
  • 15-20 Mothers
  • Women only project- Mothers
  • A light refreshment will be provided each week.


  • To Empower Mothers to stand against Radicalisation and Grooming.
  • Support mothers to know how fast digital world is moving and its dangers
  • To safeguard children and young people on line form Radicalisation and Grooming. Equip mother with the practical skills to understand Internet and its uses.
  • To know signs and symptoms of Radicalisation and on line grooming, address and implant key procedures in how to challenge and address thus.
  • To implement theory into practice to Engage with your children through communication and dialogue, having the confidence to be committed to protecting your children.
  • To Engage, Educate and Inspire Mothers to stand against on line Radicalisation and Extremism recruitment.


  1. Raise awareness on internet, social media and its influence
  2. Understand Radicalisation and how young people may be manipulated
  3. Identify signs and symptoms of vulnerability
  4. Understand models of engagement to safeguard young people

To book a place, participants must contact the Millside Centre directly to secure a place on the course by contacting us on 01274 409 661 or info@millsidecentre.org