Friday Food Delivery – Volunteer Appreciation Event

We hosted a ‘Thank you’ lunch to celebrate our amazing team of volunteers who were involved in our Friday Food Delivery project; people who dedicated their Friday afternoons to deliver a two-course meal cooked by our Welcome Café to destitute asylum seekers and refugees struggling with food poverty.

Over the past 8 months, these volunteers from City Valley Church, the University of Bradford and the local community, have totally committed themselves to show care and compassion, and to befriend individuals and families during a very trying time of lockdowns. Together, they helped to reduce isolation and bring a glimmer of hope. We have been totally blown away by their kindness and generosity and want to honour them for their hearts of service.

One of our key partner on this project said this about the amazing contribution and difference made by these incredible volunteers:

“On behalf of the British Red Cross Bradford Refugee Support Project, I would like to sincerely to express our gratitude to the Millside Centre volunteers whom I personally met and exchanged when we started working together in support of our Bradford based beneficiaries who were facing both the pandemic and destitution. I am very grateful to you all for the job well done and your sense of humanity, empathy, courage as well as willingness to go out, besides the pandemic, to help and support our destitute service users in crisis. You are amazing stars and inspirational models.”

This project made us realise the difference consistency, care and compassion can make in the lives of those who are incredibly isolated and has led us to set up a Befriending project which is launching soon, funded by CNET’s Mental Health Grant. We feel so privileged to continue providing vital practical, emotional and mental health support for those who need it the most during these tough times.