Good News: Morrisons Foundation Funding

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have recently received an incredibly generous grant from the Morrisons Foundation to start our ‘Fit for Life’ project, which will include physical activities and nutrition sessions to promote better health and wellbeing in our community. The funding lasts for 2 years, and our passion is to play a role in reducing high rates of obesity and diabetes in our local area and giving local people the opportunity to prioritise their health and make longer lasting changes as they choose to be fit (and healthy) for life. Read the full article in the T&A link below.

The project is now underway, and we have started our fitness session for women every Friday from 11.00am–12.00pm with Mumtaz Khan from Onna Ju-Jitsu Club, an amazing fitness instructor who is passionate about helping local people try new sports and prioritise their health and wellbeing by being active. We will also be working with Tahira Amin from ‘Abilities’, a practicing dietician with a heart to help ordinary people reach their potential. She will cover topics such as the causes of cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2, pre-diabetes, alternatives for take-outs, cooking on a budget and overall healthy cooking and behaviour in relation to food. The nutrition session will be starting on Friday 22nd from 12:30–2.00pm.

For more information about how you can be involved or to simply find out more, please email:

Millside Centre Team