Local Focal Photography Project

We are so excited to be working in partnership with Shy Burhan, an amazing local photographer who recently received Arts Council funding to deliver free participatory photography workshops to asylum seekers and refugees who access the Millside Centre. The aim of the project is to offer each participant a creative outlet to tell their stories and enhance their wellbeing using their smart phone cameras.

They will be documenting and archiving their processes and learning over the course of the workshops, with the aim of informing tangible academic research into the links between creativity and wellbeing. The participants have been enjoying coming in every week, meeting new people, learning new skills as well as building confidence, and will be producing individual logbooks of photos, sketches and thoughts that will serve as catalysts for engagement. These will be exhibited at a livestreaming event here on Thursday 17th June as part of Refugee Week. We will of course send more details about this soon. Shy also hopes that this project will, in turn, help to instil a sense of belonging, and that participants see Bradford as a city of Sanctuary and a place they can call home.