Rohingya ESOL class

We are so pleased to be working in partnership with AROUK, the Rohingya organisation based in Bradford supporting Rohingya refugees. Did you know that Bradford has one of the largest Rohingya communities in Europe? Many of them came to Bradford as part of the Resettlement project through UNHCR and Home Office to give them a new chance and sense of dignity back and over the last 10 years, they have become an established group in the city of Bradford.

However, while speaking with their community leader Mohammed Amin, we recognised that some of their community members, specially the women still needed some support with learning English and improving their English skills.

We were approached my James and Joanna Price, a couple who worked with Rohingya refugees in Southeast Asia for many years and are now back in the UK. They were keen to serve this community through Millside so together we piloted a 5-week ESOL course for them before the summer break. This has now become a new 10-week course with 8 dedicated students coming every Monday. It has been a joy seeing each learner so eager to learn and build friendships and trust with James and Joanna who are brilliantly patient and can speak a little bit of their language too which is a bonus.