Stories On Our Plate: Recipes and Conversations

We are delighted to host SOOP’s first book, Stories On Our Plate: Recipes and Conversations. The book brings together 12 chefs based in London, each with personal recipes and food stories to share. It reveals the diverse influences and experiences that shape our food, featuring dishes influenced by Middle Eastern, Asian, African Mexican, and European cuisines.

Our Food Stories project explored how the cooking and eating of food is also the social fabric that underpins our lives. Food holds a unique yet often under-appreciated role in our communities to celebrate differences and realise our shared interests. In this panel event you will hear extracts of mouth-watering recipes, the fascinating stories behind them, and insights into how you could be involved in making a book of this kind.

The talk will be held at the Millside Community Centre, in the main event room.

Attendees will be welcomed by 6pm where a light buffet will be served. The panel talk will begin at approximately 7pm.

To register for the event, please follow the link below and we look forward to seeing you here.