FREE Talk English course

The Millside Centre is excited to be launching a new Talk English course in collaboration with the Meridian Centre starting from September. The Talk English project was set up to provide free English classes for people with low levels of English to not only improve their language skills but to also get better access to services and subsequently become more involved in the community. Lack of spoken English can be a real barrier for a lot of people to engage in society and can leave them feeling isolated and unable to contribute. Talk English provides a space for people to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and also allows them to meet new people, foster friendships as well as begin to break the barriers that was once built through conversation. The course is taught by volunteers and is open to anyone in Pre-entry – Entry 1, however the only criteria is that it’s for those who’ve been living in the UK for 12 months. In Bradford, the project is lead by Shipley College alongside a number community organisations as key partners. According to the Talk English Bradford website, “In the 2011 Census, 4.8% of the population said that they could not speak English well or at at all”, which highlight the huge need in our city to provide free access to classes to enable people to learn.  

Do you know anyone who may benefit from Talk English class at Millside? Please refer them to us on: 01274 409 661 or email:

  • Registration date: Monday 4th September
  • Course start date: Monday 11th September
  • Crèche available