We are the world

Bradford Family Support Network (BFSN) organised an International Day event at the Millside Centre to celebrate the many diverse cultures that reside in our community. The main purpose of the day was to learn about our neighbours’ cultures, country, currency etc. Members of the group were encouraged to come wearing their traditional attire, and to bring a national dish from their country to be shared with others, which allowed them to explore the world with their tastes buds. Each of them also had a chance to do a short presentation to inform the group more about where they come from as well as learning from their friends. Many cultures, one world. It was indeed a wonderful time to celebrate our differences in harmony.

BFSN work to tackle social isolation, deprivation and promote a safe environment where individuals and families can make friends and have their needs met.

If you are interested to join, BFSN meets every Wednesday, 10:30am -1:30pm.