‘We Are Tomorrow’: Millside Youth Project Update

The youth project has been running for a year now and we are encouraged by the level of engagement we get most weeks. From having 3 who were struggling to come in, we now have around 10 who consistently join in each week, and we do different things in the aim of building friendships, confidence and community as well as an escape from their reality which may be worrying or hard as the majority are currently in the system seeking asylum.

We have a brilliant group of young people with fresh perspectives on life due to what they have experienced and come through. We had hoped to have more of a voice online and potentially make mini podcasts to make their voices heard, but we came to realise that right now, through a pandemic, these young people needed fun, escapism and no pressure.

This term with the good weather the group have really enjoyed spending time outside playing sport, playing games, eating food and getting creative, not forgetting the sessions where we are more outwardly focused, including helping out at Bradford Central Foodbank and hearing from Rohingya young people from AROUK.

Going forward we will continue to encourage, empower and equip these young people, as they are our tomorrow (We Are Tomorrow!) We can all be change makers!

If you know any young person who is struggling with the isolation of covid19, looking for a safe place, an opportunity to meet and connect with new people and learn new skills then please feel free to refer them to us.

written by Stef, our Youth Engagement Officer

Email: stefanie@millsidecentre.org

Mob: 07458 305079